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Versatile young percussionist FANG Hsin debuts in 2020 Jeonju International Sori Festival (JISF)




“I feel like percussion and billiards have a lot in common. Both of them require total concentration, sophisticated calculation and flexible thinking,” said FANG Hsin, percussion artist who also has been passionate about billiards from an early age. FANG Hsin was born in Kaohsiung in 1984 and being a graduate of Royal College of Music. She has won first prize in the 12th Italy Percussion Competition for timpani and is currently a timpani player in Taipei Chinese Orchestra.

CUBE BAND, a trio in which she is on percussion together with Guzheng (Chinese zither) performer Yang Yi-wei, and pipa (Chinese lute) performer Su Yun-han- will be performing for the first time at the opening concert of the JISF 2020.

Being prized for a diversity of musical culture, performers from Taiwan have been invited to JISF in five years.


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