CUBE BAND, ensembled of three traditional musicians - Guzheng/Yang Yi-wei, Pipa/Su Yun-han, Percussion/Fang Hsin, takes you into an innovative universe immersing in the unique sound space.The novel characteristic of this group is that all three instruments are dot-shaped sound, therefore their texture is light and flexible.The musicians use ancient tunes as the foundation for their compositions and combine the respective aesthetic experiences. CUBE BAND cleverly link the creative idea into the melody line, expressed a new sense based on traditional elements.

CUBE BAND plays a contemporary sound with a cubic ensemble. In this era of crowded noises, follow them to escape into the secret realm of sound, hearing the music form original heart.The music should be like this.

Percussion / Fang Hsin

Guzheng/Yang Yi-wei

Pipa/Su Yun-han

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