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Miyeon & Park

Traditional Korean rhythms and beat patterns form the basis for Miyeon and Park’s compositions. The duo has been surprising and impressing audiences for more than ten years with their innovative mix of free and structured improvisations based on jazz, contemporary classical, and traditional Korean music.

Miyeon’s delicate piano melodies are complemented remarkably by Park Je-chun’s percussion that comprises both time-honored instruments from his home country as well as a Western drum set. He is the General commissioner of Jeonju International Sori Festival, the most prestigious traditional and world music festival of Korea.

Miyeon & Park, the critically-acclaimed Duo has performed since 1999 and released their first album Queen & King in 2005. They play both free and structured improvisation based on jazz, contemporary classical, and Korean traditional music. Since 1996, Park Je-chun, the percussionist, has been playing free jazz and world fusion with notable artists from around the world.
He uses a unique set of percussions, both of Asian and Western origins. The pianist of the duo, Miyeon, contributes with a sensuous and delicate touch, is highly accomplished in composition and arrangement. Miyeon & Park have released several solo albums and participated in numerous outstanding works by world-renowned music masters. 

Miyeon & Park released their second album Dreams from the Ancestor in 2008, which was awarded Best Crossover Album and Best Instrumental Album in the 6th Korean Music Award of the following year. In this splendid work, Miyeon & Park developed new lines of melodies and structures that are amazingly innovative and refreshing in Korean music history.

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