Lin Ko-wei

Lin Ko-wei  is a composer of synthesizers, electroacoustics, and digital instrumental applications. His composition style is widely blended with classical music, jazz music, and electronic music. He graduated from the Music Department of Taipei City University, majoring in theoretical composition and minoring in piano. After the battle, he continued to work in two different fields, namely the independent rock music field and the theater music design.


In 2010, the orchestral work "April 7 "burning" was presented at the memorial service held by the Zhongshan Hall and the Zhengnanyu Foundation in Taipei. The 2012 solo recital for the cello, won the TMC International Composition Competition. Since 2014, he has begun to play a part in theatrical music and works as a theater soundtrack or music design, such as "The Way of Survival of Love in the City", "The 99th Anniversary Letter", "Look! My left face is relatively smooth YO", "no feeling hurt", "Little Aiyoufu". In 2018, he participated in a concert exchange and piano performance by the nickname club and the Sori Festival in South Korea.