Dasein: Ho Yuan-chen Solo Album

If there are times for sadness, times for joy

Times for grief, despair, hope, and peace

A gaze into the imagery of time through interdisciplinary collaboration between music and illustration

Images and sounds that touch the deep corners of the heart through works that weave time with space through the flow of the seasons

Dasein: Ho Yuan-chen Solo Album is centered around the theme of time and an interdisciplinary collaboration between music and illustration. Pianist Ho Yuan-chen portrays the changes of the seasons through Tchaikovsky’s Les Saisons while the visual imagery of the sounds, original work title, and poetic aura is presented by illustrator Su Mei-yu. As the seasons proceed, the flow of time and moments of eternity are presented through the time and space created within the music and illustrations. Also, the skillful combination of the distinct styles of Betsy Jolas’s Pièce pour, Yang Tsung-hsien’s Albumblätter from Sansui Shack, and Lin Chia-yin’s The Gaze, work together to create a pure world of sound, forming a serene inner landscape through music and sound.

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Album Repertoire・Free Trial

・ Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky: Les Saisons, op. 37 bis

 Janvier: Au coin du feu

 Févreir: Carnaval

Mars: Chant de l’aloutte

Avril: Perce-neige

Mai: Les nuits de mai

Juin: Barcarolle

Juillet: Chant du faucheur  

Août: La moisson

Septembre: La chasse

Octobre: Chant d’automne

Novembre: Troïka

Décembre: Noël

・Betsy Jolas: Pièce pour  (© 1997 by Gérard Billaudot Editeur S. A.,  Buy Score

・Yang Tsung-hsien: Albumblätter from Sansui Shack

・Lin Chia-ying: The Gaze for piano solo

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