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《EXPLORE》CUBE BAND with Taiwanese contemporary music composers

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EXPLORE: CUBE BAND with Taiwanese contemporary music composers" invites three Taiwanese composers, Liao Lin-ni, Lu Yun, and Kao Kai-yi, to tailor exclusive compositions for the CUBE BAND. This special event aims to explore the diverse and exquisite sonic possibilities of musical instruments, reminiscent of the subtle and elegant gradation of ink shades in Chinese calligraphy and painting. The concert will also feature works by composers Lin Wei-chieh and Jen Chen-hui, each presenting a unique and poetic musical style, guiding the audience into the dimensions of contemporary music.


  • LU, Yun | Ink Trace II  For Zheng, Pipa and Percussion(2023-24)【World Premiere】

  • JEN, Chen-hui | Drifting Mountainwards for pipa and live electronics (2015/2017)

  • KAO, Kai-yi | Explore  for Pipa, Guzheng and Percussion (2023)【World Premiere】

  • LIN, Wei-chieh  | Zheng Zheng  for prepared 21-steel string Zheng and Percussion(2020)

  • LIAO, Lin-ni | A great Hope built. You heard no noise  Trio for Guzheng, Pipa and Percussion (2023)World Premiere】


【Performer】CUBE BAND

CUBE BAND is the trio of pipa artist Su Yun-han, guzheng artist Wu Yen-hsuan, and percussionist Fang Hsin. The three young Taiwanese musicians gathered by Studio Acht complement each other with their extraordinary skills, distinctive styles, and a strong sense of ensemble. CUBE BAND’s combination of traditional instruments is uncommon in Taiwan; it is an excellent showcase of the musicians’ skills and mastery. In their performance, the audience can appreciate the varying timbre of basic tones and witness the sparks of conversation between the instruments. The three creative musicians of CUBE BAND are charting new territories in the contemporary music scene of Taiwan: their bold performance and improvisation will be the voice of the new generation.


【Concert Information】

2024/02/22 (Thu.) 19:30

Recital Hall,National Theater & Concert Hall(No.21-1, Zhongshan S. Rd., Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei City 100012, Taiwan

Price:2000*、1000、800 / NTD

2024/02/24 (Sat.) 19:30

Recital Hall ,National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts (Weiwuying)(高雄市鳳山區三多一路1號)

Price:2000*、1000、800、600 / NTD

*Arts Support Ticket

Presenter | Studio Acht

Co-organizer | Taiwan Musicians & Artists Promotion

Sponsor | National Culture and Arts Foundation (Taiwan)

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