Let’s start with music, dance, and poetry! Musicians and dancers based on poetry as an interface to show the immediacy of improvisation music and contemporary dance. It challenges the listener's auditory memory between the moments. Dancers listen to music and dialogue with musicians. Throughout accumulating as improvisation, it becomes a complete structured piece of music in the whole auditory journey. In the fleeting time, all the movements convey ideas and now and echoes the instant. As the meaning of Liederzyklus in Chinese - a joint song, multiple songs are independent and echo each other under one proposition.

The multi-theaters and festivals co-production project invites the legend musicians from South Korea, Miyeon & Park, to play with the Taiwanese choreographer- Yeh Ming-hwa and Tien Hsiao-Tzu. In 2020 Autumn, it will present in Taipei and Kaohsiung (Taiwan), as well as in Seoul.


Music / Miyeon & Park

Choreographer / Yeh Ming-hwa, Tien Hsiao-tzu


Studio Acht



National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts (Weiwuying)





Oct-Nov 2020

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