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2019 One More Festival



“OM,” the abbreviation for One More Festival, also hints to the Sanskrit pronunciation that refers to the first sound that appeared in the universe. Inspired by the notion that all things are born through the vibration of “OM,” Studio Acht defines One More Festival as a year-end starting point that transforms declarations into action, presenting unrestrained music experiments that invigorate the senses to give birth to a new musical generation.


One More Festival is an all-inclusive event that invites musicians to present their works through different methods, encouraging audiences to leave behind their auditory baggage and return to the authentic state of musical appreciation. The festival inspires audiences to explore the soundscape and join this metaphysical year-end celebration.


Studio Acht received support from the National Culture and Arts Foundation through the Performing Arts Abroad Program’s “The CHANNEL Project,” an international development project that integrates and encourages art content and performance methods, enabling presentation and performance, international negotiation, and on-site assistance, hoping to forge and construct a pathway exclusive to outstanding Taiwanese artists. One More Festival is a hub that links to the worldwide network, enabling exchanges with international institutions and festivals, assisting international connections through cultivating musical talents and program productions in Taiwan. 


2019/12/21 (SAT) 19:30  Taipei, Taiwan


Kang Tae Hwan Trio, One More Improvisation Band


享象 Rhythm Alley 

2019/12/22 (SUN) 13:00-18:00  Chaiyi, Taiwan


Hwang Yen-cheng Harvest Festival

Cheng I-lly



Uz AZeR / the Cycle: Sitar Chant Ex 

Kang Tae Hwan Trio



Organizer|Studio Acht

Co-organizer|Taiwan Musicians & Artists Promotion (TMAP)

Sponsors|National Culture and Arts Foundation, Taiwan (國家文化藝術基金會)、National Securities & Finance Group Foundation (建弘文教基金會)、璞園璞永、信源企業

Venue Sponsor|光正萬教宮

* "One More Festival" is sponsored and supported by the National Culture and Arts Foundation, Taiwan

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